Butte, MT

Tyler @ DDR,

Well its been just under a year since I took delivery on 2 DDR customized rifles and scopes and I could not be happier! The less than 8 pound, 338-06 with the compact Nightforce scope has turned this weapon into a great 600+- back pack rifle, but let's talk about the real long distance machine.

The accuracy of the custom 7mm Magnum topped with the 5.5-22x50mm Nightforce scope and your customized hand loads is absolutely stunning and a whole lot of fun! After your initial training, in March 2014 I atteneded a very prestigious shooting school in South Texas that specializes in training shooters the intricacies of long range shooting distances as well as advanced training for our USA military. After the event I was told by retired Sniper Instructors that your setup was the single most accurate long range 7MM Magnum rifle they had ever seen come thru their place!! In July at another local long distance shooting school here in Montana I became of the "One Mile Shooter Club" after successfully connecting on wheel barrow rock targets at over 1,800 yards!

More importantly, I also applied the firearms in the real world of hunting. In July I took a great Zimbabwe stallion Zebra with the 338-06 at 514 yards.

In October a good Marco Polo Sheep and Siberian Ibex in Tajikistan under 500 yards with the 7mm Magnum and this last Fall, three big 6x6 bull Elk in our guiding camp with Niki and a couple clients. All over 500 yards. Simply put, I can't wait for my next hunt!

As I say, lots of fun but when hunting it's a must for the shooter to know their equipment and capabilities and to hunt and shoot responsibly at big game targets.

Thanks so much for your integrity, honesty, customer service and extreme DDR accuracy!

Keith Atcheson

International Hunting Consultant

Montana Outfitter


Riley Masters

"Best rifle setup a guy could ask for! First time shooting my 300 RUM and hit a jug of water at 1,198 yards off a bipod! Can't ask for more in my opinion. Great customer service to boot!"

Dale Pearson, Owner of Hunters Nation

"Trusting a friends advice I sent my stock 300 RUM to Tyler for some work. I can't tell you how impressed I am with his efforts. He can make a stock rifle shoot dang near custom build accurate. Very happy with DDR & highly recommend. Prices are better than anywhere else I looked into as well."

Jared, Utah

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