Butte, MT

Want an accurate long range rifle but are on a budget? Our DDR Budget System might be the right fit for you! This rifle is Remington's new Model 700 Long Range topped with a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50mm scope. It can be built up as much as you want or left as is. This rifle has been DDR tested to have extraordinary accuracy at an extraordinary price! 

DDR Budget System

The Remington Model 700 Sendero is a finely tuned tack driver that will be sure to complete any task set in front of it. The rifle is stunning coming right from the box. With custom load development, proper barrel brake-in, and data collection from Dead Down Range Rifles, your Sendero will be the first gun you reach for in your gun safe. If you want a consistent and reliable rifle, then the DDR Sendero System is your gun. 

DDR Sendero System

DDR Rem Hunter Extreme System

Looking for a rifle to fulfill all of your long range dreams with the Remington 700 Action? This one is the one for you. Built of off a Remington 700 Action and refined to a T, the options are limitless. This rifle combines the most common rifle action with any unique twist that your heart desires. Precision at a Distance is what this rifle is all about. 

This DDR Shooting System combines elite machining components with some of the industries top optics and rifle accessories. This rifle is a fully custom build containing the actions that our US Military Snipers trust. All of this, backed with DDR's 1/2" accuracy guarantee, you will be assured to have a top of the line rifle that will beat any in its class. 

DDR Extreme Hunter Shooting System 1400+

DDR Rifle Systems

All Dead Down Range Rifles have a 1/2" accuracy guarantee! We will not let a rifle leave the shop unless it meets our specs and standards. You will find that most of our rifles will shoot 1/4" to one hole groups at 100 yards, and still holding 3-5 inch groups at 1,000 yards.