Dead Down Range offers a variety of services, including simple things like barrel fluting and trigger installation, or more detailed things like load development and data collection to make sure your rifle is shooting as accurately as possible.  Click the link below to get more information about our services offered.

"I never thought I could shoot long distances, accurately and consistently until I got my shooting system from Dead Down Range. The work Tyler did to my rifle, and teaching me to use the whole system was outstanding! I have recommended DDR to everyone I know with a passion for long range shooting!"

-Eric Franklin, Colorado


Butte, MT

Dead Down Range Rifles specializes in building fully custom rifles, semi-custom rifles, or making improvements on your own rifle to make it shoot over 1,000 yards! We don't take shortcuts and we make it a priority to provide superior customer service!

Dead Down Range Rifles is based out of Butte, Montana. This long range rifle business stemmed from a passion and love for hunting and shooting. Every member of our team is dedicated to making your rifle perform to the best of its abilities, whether it's a custom built rifle or a rifle of your own that you want to improve. Our goal is to assist you in being confident while squeezing the trigger on that trophy of a lifetime!